Detoxifying with Bestow

Our liver is our primary organ of detoxification and if all goes well, our bodies should be detoxifying efficiently everyday. We have many different pathways of detoxification from the liver so if one becomes blocked, there are other options available. Unfortunately, because of our lifestyles, often a number of these pathways can become blocked and this places strain on our liver and results in a build up of toxins in our bodies.

If you want to do a detox for Spring the best and simplest way to start is to limit or even better, avoid liver loaders which increase the work our livers need to do and cause these blockages.

Cut down or even better, eliminate alcohol, caffeine, processed and refined foods, refined sugar and flours and conventionally grown foods.

Replace these with plenty of fresh water, organic foods, good quality proteins, a good nights sleep, sensible sun exposure, exercise and happy hormones (also called endorphins) from fun and laughing.

If you want to take it even further, give your liver some love and attention by increasing your intake of nutrients like B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium and zinc. Sulfur containing foods like garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, bok choy) are also wonderful.

Another vital liver nutrient is your Essential Fatty Acids. EFA’s can help unblock the elimination pathways so they are essential for any detox program. At the moment I am enjoying looking after my liver with freshly juiced beetroot, carrot, apple, wheatgrass and a good blob of my Bestow Beauty Oil for those detoxifying EFA’s and a teaspoon of my Bestow Beauty Powder for all those other liver loving nutrients. It’s the perfect drink for a spring clean!

So make sure you¹re loving your liver too and ensure you continue to detox

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  • September 6, 2012