Does Your Skin Need EPA & DHA?

I was recently asked how much EPA and DHA are found in the Bestow Beauty Oils.

For those of you who are not familiar with these terms, EPA and DHA are part of the omega 3 fatty acid family. They are the last two fatty acids that our bodies make from omega 3 fats and are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and brain supporting benefits.

EPA and DHA can only be made by animals and this is why it is common to take a supplement like fish oil. Because Bestow Beauty Oils are plant-based, they cannot contain these fats. But don’t worry, your body can make them from the other omega 3 fats found in these oils. This is especially true in the case of the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil which is so easy for our bodies to use.


You may be interested to know that although EFA and DHA have health benefits they are not oils that support our skin health. Two separate studies found that taking fish oil was not enough to repair skin in which barrier function was compromised. This means fish oil will not improve the health and beauty of your skin despite all the hype you may have heard.


The Bestow Beauty Oils do contain the fats for skin health. That was a non-negotiable when we were developing them as you can well imagine.


So if you would like to make it easier for your body to make these essential fats, take the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil. If you would like to get them directly from your diet, then continue taking your fish oil capsules, or even better, eat oily fish. Research shows that eating oily fish is guaranteed to deliver you all the health benefits of EPA and DHA. The jury is still out as to whether you get the same benefits from taking fish oil capsules.


But the bottom line is you still need to take your Bestow Beauty Oils to get the fats you need for skin health. They are a rich source of the fats needed to improve skin hydration, barrier function and help prevent your skin’s oils blocking in your pores. 

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  • August 6, 2020