Why from the inside?

One of the best ways of treating your skin’s deepest layers is from the inside!  The reason why is because getting anti-ageing actives to penetrate deeply enough into the skin when applied to its surface is fraught with difficulty.  Essentially, your skin is designed to keep things out! Your skin is a barrier and your survival is dependant on that barrier working effectively otherwise harmful substances could penetrate our skin and damage our bodies.

So how can we deliver those nutrients and actives to the deepest layers of our skin, directly to the fibroblast cells (make our collagen and elastin)?

Well, the body has one of the most amazing, complex and effective delivery systems – the blood! Fibroblast cells cluster around the blood capillaries so they can tap directly into the source of raw materials they require to make our collagen and elastin.

All we need to do is eat the right foods and those nutrients will be delivered directly to our fibroblast cells. 

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  • June 6, 2011