The Enemies of Collagen

In our last few blogs we have been discussing the benefit Bestow Collagen Boost offers our skin.

The main advantage is the increased production of collagen in our skin and the protection it offers our existing collagen and elastin.

Just as a reminder, collagen is the fibre in our skin that gives it strength whereas elastin provides the stretchability and snap-back. Having good levels of both fibres is important for healthy, strong skin. 

But I feel this series of blogs wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t look at some of the lifestyle and dietary things we can do to look after our existing collagen and elastin fibres.

So let’s look at their enemies.

Both collagen and elastin are degraded by smoking and sun exposure. In the case of sun protection, using a good sunscreen is vital. But remember sunscreens aren’t anywhere near 100% effective and can often give us a false sense of security. Many protect our skin from burning but not from ageing. It is important to boost your sun protection by wearing good, wide brimmed hats and choosing to sit in the shade where possible.

Elastin is affected by dehydration so it is crucial to keep your water intake up. A lack of sleep is also a key factor in the breakdown of elastin, as is stress. Getting enough sleep often helps us cope with stress, so my advice would be to start by prioritising sleep. Here’s a link to a handout on tips for getting a good night’s sleep to get you started. 

Collagen is degraded by sugar. Sugar oxidises and latches on to our collagen fibres then attaches to another collagen fibre causing them to become entangled and inflexible. Try to cut down on sugar where you can. This can be difficult at first as you have to overcome the cravings. But as time goes on, it does get easier so I it is worth the effort. The Bestow Treats from our cookbooks are a great way to start replacing refined sugar with natural sugars. We still don’t want to eat a lot of them but at least you are getting other nutrients with your sweet treat.

So those are my tips on protecting your skin. This time of year is a great time for putting some more supportive rituals in place and kicking out some of those bad habits.

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  • February 7, 2021