Save your skin: don’t use soap

Your skin is your first layer of defense, so your body has cleverly ensured it is protected with a very important barrier, the acid mantle, which keeps it supple, smooth and intact.  This protective film is also quite acidic hence the name, Acid Mantle, meaning an acidic cloak or cover.  The acidity of the skin ensures that only friendly, helpful bacteria are encouraged to live on our skin, whereas harmful, disease-producing bacteria prefer a more alkaline environment.

Unfortunately, in a misguided attempt to keep ourselves clean we are encouraged by advertisers to strip away this crucial film at least once a day (if not more), by covering ourselves in a layer of soap.

Soap is alkaline, the opposite of acidic.  This means that soap not only strips away this important protective layer but also unbalances the acidity of the skin making it more vulnerable to attack from disease-producing bacteria.  This can leave your skin looking red, irritated, dry and flaky. So much for cleanliness!

Instead of soap, I recommend cleansing your skin gently by bathing it in some warm water (nature’s natural cleanser), then immediately protecting it from water loss with a good quality moisturizing product.  Remember, soap only needs to be used in those important places, under the arms and in the genital area, and if feet have been stuck in shoes all day, they might need a lather too!

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  • October 8, 2010