Attract the positive

Our thoughts are very powerful. Our brains don’t often know the difference between reality and what we think reality is! For instance, have you every found your mouth watering at the thought of enjoying a delicious meal or felt a feeling of nervousness at the thought of an uncomfortable situation. That is your body reacting physically to a thought not a reality.

So your body will react to the thoughts that are running through your head. The concern is that we often let our minds wander without control and we are not always aware of the internal conversations we are having with ourselves.

A lot of respected scientists are starting to think that we attract what we think. So if we think negatively about things, we attract negativity into our lives.

We are also starting to realise that we are not our minds! Your mind is a tool, one that should be used when thinking, planning and logic are required. But often instead we have a constant flow of unhelpful chatter in our heads. The power to switch off the constant flow of noise and internal dialogue is a very powerful skill and one that should be practised often if not daily.

Exercises like meditation, yoga, qi gong, visualisation, pranayama and practising gratitude are all tools that can improve the quality of your thoughts and attract more positivity into your life.


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  • September 10, 2014