Cleanse less often for beautiful skin

As women, one of the biggest challenges our skin faces is our over-zealous habit of over-cleansing.  The modern world seems to be obsessed with cleanliness and most skin care regimes encourage you to cleanse morning and night.  Yet what you may not realize is that your skin is at its most vulnerable following cleansing. It can remove the precious protective film (acid mantle) from your skin and leave you without any protection. In some cases, the cleansing product can actually unbalance the natural acidic pH of your skin.

As a rule, you should only cleanse when you really need to i.e. at the end of the day when you have makeup or sun block chemicals on your skin that shouldn’t be left on while you sleep.  In the morning, the little bit of dust and perspiration you may have on your skin will rinse easily away with water – the universal cleanser – without unbalancing or stripping your skin!

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  • August 11, 2010