1. Why treat our skin from within?

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Many years ago, as a newly trained beauty therapist, one of my biggest concerns was choosing a skin care range that was capable of penetrating deep enough into the skin to make a difference. Unfortunately this is not an easy thing to accomplish because our skin is designed to act as a barrier and prevent things from doing exactly that!

But what I have realized over the years, is that we already have one of the most amazing, direct and efficient delivery systems built into our skin – the blood circulation. I am not alone in this realization and Dermo-nutrition (food for the skin) is a growing area of research, now representing a multi-billion dollar industry.

So why is it so important that you work from the inside to achieve beautiful skin? Well, there are many reasons but essentially our skin is created, nourished and renewed from within. So when we consider this we can see that beauty really does come from the inside!

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  • December 12, 2013