Juicing – how to juice and the benefits of juicing

The Joy of Juicing

Juicing is a wonderful way of extracting the beneficial nutrients out of fruit and vegetables and deliver them directly to our cells. It is said that within 15 minutes of drinking your juice its nutrients are feeding every cell in your body! How’s that for a direct hit of goodness?

Every morning I start my day with a fresh organic juice of beetroot, carrot, ginger and a leafy green. Kale is one of my favourites but I rotate this with other greens to ensure I am getting all the health benefits.

Here are some easy rules you need to know to make the best juices:

Make it fresh – Make your juices fresh and drink them immediately as they are very prone to oxidisation.

Keep it simple – Don’t mix too many different juices. I use a maximum of four but some juice connoisseurs suggest you limit it to three.

Add your oil – Juices contain lots of fat-soluble vitamins but these won’t be assimilated if oil isn’t present so I top my juice off with a good dollop of my Bestow Beauty Oil.

Watch your mixes – Fruit juices tend to stir up the toxins and acids and stimulate elimination. Vegetable juices tend to be more soothing, more alkaline and eliminate toxins in a milder way. Don’t mix the two in the same drink.

Use organics – I avoid conventionally grown produce because of the concentrated nature of the juice, by using fruit and vegetables treated with sprays, you run the risk of getting a concentrated amount of chemicals in your juice.

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  • March 12, 2013