Can I take my Bestow Be Cleansed all the time?

I have been asked more and more lately if it is ok to stay on the Bestow Be Cleansed indefinitely. The answer is “yes” and I do as it keeps my digestive system humming along.

There are two reasons why the long-term use of this amazing product is so beneficial. Firstly, it increases your fibre intake by a very healthy 5 grams a day. People with high fibre diets have been proven to have a MUCH lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, many cancers and high cholesterol. So it has a wonderfully good protective action for our health.

Secondly, long term the Bestow Be Cleansed will strengthen the bowel and make it work better on its own. Many products that assist the bowel have a laxative effect and therefore have the opposite effect, making the bowel lazy and dependent, making you become more and more reliant on them. The Bestow Be Cleansed, being so high in fibre, actually gives the muscles in the bowel something to work against, giving them a wee workout and strengthening their action (much the same as exercise strengthens and tones our skeletal muscles). So long term you become less dependent on it!



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