Jenny Barrow | Healing Acne the Holistic Way

With my 30th birthday approaching I felt it was time to begin looking after my skin better. I had struggled with acne since I was 13 and all the different products I had used in my search had left my skin dry, tight and lifeless. I had resigned myself to thinking that I would have acne for life but after I starting seeing a Holistic Beauty Therapist at Lox Spa I began to have hope.

I was introduced to the idea of treating skin from within with skin nutrients, and specifically the importance of Essential Fatty Acids. I had long since given up the idea of having beautiful, glowing skin and so was keen to give anything a go.

I began taking Bestow Beauty Oil and was surprised to notice a difference in my skin even in the first few weeks. My skin began to look more alive and felt more hydrated and supple. After being on Bestow Beauty Oil for some months I hardly recognised my skin and loved the silky feel of it.

Many years before, I had stopped letting anyone (including my husband) touch my face and I remember the exact moment that changed. I walked into the lounge and said to him, “You won’t believe how good my skin feels, touch it. He did and remarked how soft it was, a word I never dreamed I would hear used to describe my skin.”

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  • February 14, 2017