Relaxation Remedy – Peppermint Tea

Here at Bestow we would like to announce the unveiling of a new monthly segment called Relaxation Remedies, where we give you a peek into what simple pleasures we indulge in during our morning tea breaks. We believe that having time to yourself with a cup of tea and a beautiful book is one of the keys to a fruitful life. So watch this space, we hope to Bestow some inspiration upon you.

Peppermint Tea
We’re sipping a cup of: Peppermint tea. It has a wonderfully strong, minty aroma and is perfect for soothing upset stomachs and aiding in digestion.

We’re flipping the pages of: ‘Accidentally Overweight’. It’s so easy to find yourself a few kilos heaver after the Christmas period so with the help of the wise words of Dr Libby Weaver we are solving our weight loss problems and getting back in shape.

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  • February 16, 2012