Sun protection

We are all well aware of the need to protect our skin from the sun.  Unfortunately, with the development of sun blocks with an SPF of 30 and higher, we have developed a false sense of security, thinking that a good layering of sun block will enable us to get out and enjoy the sunshine with no consequences.

The fact of the matter is that SPF chemicals are very good at protecting us from UVB, the burning ray.  So after a day at the beach, if we were careful enough to reapply our sun block, our skin looks completely unscathed.  The scary thing is, even SPF 30 and above are not particularly good at blocking out the UVA rays responsible for ageing our skin.  So while you may look like your day at the beach has left your skin in perfect condition, the damage to your collagen and elastin fibres has still occurred.

I am not sure which is worse, at least if we came home red and burnt we would know we hadn’t done a great job of protecting our skin but SPF’s hide the evidence.  I am not suggesting you shouldn’t use SPF’s as no one wants skin cancer, however be fooled into thinking they hold all the answers.  The best form of protection is physical.  Wear your hats and hop under the umbrella.  There is also some lovely resort wear available, long flowing caftans and cool, baggy trousers that you can pop over your bikini for extra protection.

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  • January 17, 2011