The amazing Stratum Corneum

The Stratum Corneum is the outer most part of our skin, made up of approximately 20 layers of dead, but not inactive, cells.  Unfortunately, it is this tissue that has been so misunderstood until now and has therefore been very mistreated.

I recently found a quote I thought summed it all up:

“No tissue of such critical importance for survival has been so intellectually maligned”
Peter M Elias (Researcher)

So what does this part of our skin do for us?  Essentially it protects the vulnerable skin cells beneath from prematurely ageing, it helps our skin hold on to precious moisture and it also talks to us!

The Stratum Corneum tells the deeper layers of the skin what is happening at the surface, what the weather’s doing (humidity levels), whether we need to be prepared for attack (bacteria and allergens), what supplies it requires and if it is in good working order or not.  So much for being a dead, useless layer that’s best washed down the bathroom sink!

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  • January 17, 2011