Sensitised Skin?

The Graces Soothing Serum and The Graces Soothing Oil are the latest product releases for Bestow. 

The Graces are a small collection of plant-based, topical skin care products, created by Bestow. They have been developed to address specific problems, and in this case, they help to soothe and strengthen skin that has become a little sensitised. 

So what does it mean to have sensitised skin? Sensitised skins occur when the barrier of our skin becomes damaged or weakened. Many things can cause this. Environmental conditions like wind, sun, cold or even spending the day in airconditioning can dry the skin and make it more fragile. Over-cleansing or using foaming cleansers removes the protective film, stripping products and peels thin our barrier and nutritional deficiencies can mean our skin can’t produce a strong barrier in the first place. Many things can cause this problem, so it stands to reason that most of us are going to experience a sensitised skin at some point. 

So how do you know if your skin is sensitised? Sometimes it is easy to spot. You have red, inflamed skin or you are suffering from a skin condition like rosacea, eczema or sensitive acne. Or it could just have become more reactive to skincare products or treatments. 

Other times it isn’t so easy to pick. Your skin could look dull and feel dry and tight. Alternatively, it could feel a little rough, like it needs a good exfoliation or maybe your skin just feels contrary and out of sorts. These are all signs that not all is well, and some strengthening is required. 

If you suspect your skin may have become sensitised, The Graces Soothing products are ideal for you. The Graces Soothing Serum contains healing, anti-inflammatory plants like aloe, kowhai, mamaku, honey, calendula, marshmallow and chamomile. It will help calm and strengthen your skin. It will also help reduce any inflammation that may be present. 

It is applied to damp skin that has been bathed with warm water first. While your skin is still dewy damp, apply The Graces Soothing Serum and follow this immediately with a few drops of The Graces Soothing Oil. The Graces Soothing Oil contains the lipids that our skin needs to rebuild. Oils like jojoba, avocado, raspberry seed and passionfruit seed oils and essential oils of lavender and Roman Chamomile help calm and strengthen your skin. 

Once applied wait ten or fifteen minutes for these products to have a chance to marry with your skin. Go and have breakfast or get ready for the day, then return to apply makeup. A good quality, pure mineral powder would be best as avoiding a lot of chemicals is essential when you are strengthening your skin. 

At night, you can cleanse your skin with a gentle lotion cleanser or if you are worried about the reactiveness of your skin, you can use The Graces Soothing Oil. Just apply a pump to damp skin, distribute it over your face to dissolve any makeup and impurities, then remove with a warm damp cloth. 

Follow by bathing your skin, apply The Graces Soothing Serum and complete your routine with a few drops of The Graces Soothing Oil. 

Don’t forget about the internal aspect of sensitised skin. We need to build our skin from the inside too. The best product to start with is the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil. This unique product supports all three levels of your skin’s barrier function. Lastly, if you have any redness or inflammation, become aware of foods and drinks that cause the fine capillaries in your skin to dilate, fuelling problems. We call these heating foods, and they need to be replaced by more skin-supportive alternatives.

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  • October 20, 2020