Bestow Beauty Powder

Janine Tait, New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist, talks about the Bestow Beauty Powder and what this unique product offers our skin. – put this in a block at the top with my photo?

Bestow Beauty Powder was developed when I realised that our skin, hair and nails are the last parts of the bodies to receive nutrients from our diet. This means they are the most likely to be struggling under the pressure of having to deal with nutritional deficiencies.

This is a concern when you consider the skin is the fastest reproducing organ in our body. The epidermis of the skin replaces itself approximately every 27 days, creating a huge demand for nutritional building blocks. Ensuring your skin is well nourished is the key to having beautiful skin.

The Bestow Beauty Powder was developed to help feed the cells in the deepest layers of our skin. This can’t be done topically with skincare products so must be done from within through the diet.

Bestow Beauty Powder contains 8 different superfoods. This is a key point because you often see similar products with huge lists of ingredients. It looks impressive but you have to ask yourself how much of each ingredient you are going to get in a spoonful? Is a tiny amount going to have any benefit?  So it was important to me that I choose a handful of ingredients I was passionate about and ensure you get enough of each one to make a difference.

So what does Bestow Beauty Powder contain? Well, greens of course! Spirulina, wheatgrass, and alfalfa are all high in chlorophyll, which gives them their green colour. Chlorophyll encourages skin healing and is also protective of our skin. Greens also contain antioxidants which help neutralise damaging free radicals and key skin-vitamins like vitamin C and pro-vitamin A. Of course, it is always great to get another serving of greens in your diet and a smoothie containing the Bestow Beauty Powder is a great way of getting another dose in your day.

Kelp is one of my favourite ingredients in the Bestow Beauty Powder.  Seaweeds provide you with amazing phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that are unique and unavailable from land-based plants. They are also rich in minerals which are important for the structure of the skin. Not only this but the minerals they contain that are bonded in such a way to make them more easily absorbed by our bodies than the minerals found in land-based plants. 

Also included is pumpkin seed powder to provide natural zinc. Zinc is a key nutrient for skin health, healing and collagen production. In fact, without zinc, you won’t be able to produce any collagen, your anti-wrinkle fibre.

Blackcurrant powder has been added for the protective antioxidants and anthocyanins it contains.  Anthocyanins are a special type of antioxidant that helps stabilise your collagen fibres, making them stronger and more resilient. You may also be interested to know that blackcurrants have an exceptionally high level of antioxidant activity, much more than most other fruits.

The other thing I love about the Bestow Beauty Powder is that, like all of the other Bestow products, it doesn’t contain a whole lot of sweetener and flavours. It is really important to me that I don’t give with one hand and take away with the other.  What I mean by that is when you get a hit of goodness with this green powder, you don’t want to be undermining your skin’s health with a whole lot of sugar. The collagen fibres in your skin are very easily damaged by sugar. They become glycated and matted, losing their elasticity. For this reason, Bestow Beauty Powder doesn’t contain any sweetener.  However, compared to many green powders it has a very delicate flavour making it easy to add to smoothies. To top everything off it is dairy and gluten-free as well as being suitable for vegans.

By feeding your deepest skin cells with a good dose of nutrients, this product is aimed at making your skin look more vibrant and healthy. The most common feedback from our Bestow Beauty Powder fans is that it makes their skin look fresh and alive!

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  • August 24, 2020