3. Why treat your skin from within?

There are many things that we eat and drink that can contribute to the problems we can experience with our skin. Being aware of these problem foods can go a long way to helping correct these issues. Some of these problems foods are obvious like alcohol. You just need observe what happens to someone with fine, fair, sensitive skin who drinks wine to know that it is inflammatory and could make skin redness worse. But there are lots of other ‘hidden’ foods that could be ‘fueling’ the problems you may be experiencing with your skin.

However more and more of our commonly eaten foods are managing to find their way onto the growing list of foods that contain phyto-chemicals that keep our skin looking beautiful.

When it comes to nutrition, out of all the foods researched for skin benefits the Essential Fatty Acids appear to be the ‘stars’ offering assistance in the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions as well as generally improving skin’s hydration and beauty.

Essential fatty acids are a wonderful food for skin. They are your edible cosmetics, making your skin soft, smooth and velvety. This is why the first product I ever formulated was the Bestow Beauty Oil. It is your ‘moisturiser from the inside’, reducing inflammation and redness, while keeping your skin smooth and free of blockages.

The Bestow Within – Natural Food Journal is packed full of recipes that supply essential fatty acids and other nutrients to bestow you with beautiful, radiant skin…



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  • January 29, 2014