Is Omega 9 Important? And More…

Do the Bestow Beauty Oils contain Omega 9?

Yes, but we don’t advertise this fact because we believe it is misleading. It makes you think that omega 9 is far more important to our health than it actually is. Our bodies can easily make Omega 9 from other fats in your diet. It is not an essential fatty acid, it is simply a fatty acid. The only two essential fatty acids are Omega 3 and Omega 6. These two fats are not able to be manufactured by your body and must be supplemented.

How much of the EFA’s do I get when I take a tablespoon of either Bestow Beauty Oils or Bestow Beauty Plus Oil?

Each of the Bestow Beauty Oils provides a minimum of 5,000mg of Omega 6 and 5,000mg of Omega 3 per tablespoon. This give you a total of 10,000mg of quality EFA’s. I think the word ‘quality’ is important here because statistics show that we get plenty of omega 6 fats from our modern diet because of our high intake of processed food. But given that both of these fats are incredibly easily damaged by any form of processing, I do not consider that we have a diet high in quality fats. The Bestow Beauty Oils provide a ready source of those quality oils.

10,000mg is also a good-sized dose of EFA’s. It would take a lot of capsules to equal that quantity. In addition, being in liquid form it is much more easily absorbed by your body than capsules. This is mainly due to the fact that  you can add it to food making it much easier to digest. In fact, one study showed that when oils rich in EFAs are whizzed up in a blender to make a simple smoothie, they were 100% better absorbed. Bestow Beauty Oils are such an efficient way to get a good dose of your EFAs!

What is the difference between the Bestow Beauty Oil and the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil?

The difference is all in the combination of fatty acids that these two oils contain. You see omega 3 and omega 6 are not single fats but families of fats. Suppling the primary or parent fat of each family should enable the body to manufacture the rest of the fats. Buts ometimes the first step in the conversion process is difficult for your body especially if you have nutritional deficiencies, have been unwell or are under stress. The Bestow Beauty Plus Oil addresses this problem by supplying both the primary and the secondary fats in the omega 3 and 6 families. This makes it so much easier for our bodies to produce all the important fats in these families by skirting around any potential problems. The Bestow Beauty Oil on the other hand, simply provides the primary fat in each family.

So the main difference between the two oils is the fact that the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is far easier for the body to process than the Bestow Beauty Oil because it provides both the primary and secondary fats in the EFA families.

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  • July 30, 2020