Bestow Beauty Oils Expiry

Bestow Beauty Oils have a best-before date of 6 weeks upon opening because the oils it contains are easily damaged by heat, light and oxygen. When unopened it is protected from these factors. The oil is cold-pressed when it is first produced avoiding any potential damage heating pressing would invariably cause. When packaged, the bottles are first flushed with inert gases to remove oxygen and then the special bottle design prevents oxygen entering the bottle. To avoid light damage the oil is placed in completely opaque bottles. This is one of the reasons we don’t use glass. Even the darkest glass bottle will let some light in. Lastly, in New Zealand we don’t have to worry too much about heat because our temperatures don’t get high enough to damage the oil but it is recommended you keep the bottle out of direct sunlight. All of these things ensure the oil is in tip-top condition when it reaches you but once you open it, all bets are off!

Opening the bottle lets oxygen and more importantly, light in. This will start to damage your oil and that is why we have a best-before of six weeks upon opening. We are pretty confident your oil will still be in good condition in six weeks. But this is a guide only.  How you care for your oil after opening will have a big impact on how fresh it is after six weeks. For example, if you take your oil from the fridge, open it, use it and put it back straight away it is going to last a lot longer than a bottle that is regularly left open on the dining room table for half an hour.

The good news is, if you have struggled to take your oil regularly and consequently find some left after six weeks, then chances are you haven’t been opening and closing it a lot so it is naturally going to have a longer shelf life. In the end, the only way you can tell if your oil is still ok is by the taste. If it has been too damaged it will taste rancid. The taste of rancid oil is unmistakable and unpleasant. If it tastes good, it will still be good.

Just one extra tip, if you are going away for a while and for whatever reason can’t take your oil with you, place it in the freezer. This will keep it for quite some time. It also has a melting point not much higher than the average temperature of a domestic freezer. This means it will only take a few minutes before it liquefies and you can use it again.

So in summary, the six weeks best before is a guide only. The way you care for your oil is going to have a huge effect on how long it will last. Try to put the cap on promptly and put it back in your fridge. Lastly, be guided by the taste. If it tastes good, it will be good for you.

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  • August 31, 2020