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What made you decide to create the brand?

Ten years into my career as a beauty therapist I went through a crisis of confidence.  Despite using all the tools at my disposal I found that there were often times that I just could not get the results for my clients that I hoped for.  Skin disorders particularly became the elephant in the room that I didn’t want to mention, because I wasn’t confident that I could really make a difference. My frustration sent me on a quest for answers which led me to the woman who would become my mentor, Janice Sarre-Smith. Janice was decades ahead of her time in the way she treated skin holistically and showed me the importance of working from within through skin nutrition.  She took a three dimensional approach to skincare which recognised that diet, environment, mental and emotional wellbeing were essential elements to consider alongside topical skincare and treatments. We now call this philosophy the ‘Slow Beauty’ way.

Putting this ‘working from within’ approach to work completely transformed my career.  I became a confident skincare therapist and began to get amazing results with the skin conditions I used to be afraid of treating.

The Bestow Beauty range was born out of my desire to support clients to care for their skin from within. I was aware of the key nutrients the skin needed to thrive and equally aware that our modern diet was inadequate to supply these. My clients were inspired by the idea of nourishing their skin from within, but I realised I  needed to create a range of skin-specific super foods that made it easy and practical for them to do so.

What is the philosophy behind the brand? 

Bestow Beauty is a range of skin super foods, but it is much more than that. It is a philosophy and holistic approach for total skin and body well-being. We promote wellness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of people’s lives. We support people in their positive lifestyle changes with skincare superfoods, self-care rituals and wisdom for healthy, beautiful living.

Your skin is a reflection of your life.

The way your skin looks and feels reflects far more than the skincare products you use. Your skin also tells the story of the food you eat, the air you breathe, the alcohol you drink, the amount of stress in your life, your hormonal balance and the self care practices you use to rebalance your mind and restore your soul.

The journey to creating beautiful skin is actually a journey to creating a beautiful life. 

What you are put on your skin is only half the story.

To achieve beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime you need to work deeper in the skin and nourish the cells that are responsible for building the skin.

Bestow Beauty Rituals | Skincare meets Self-care

I noticed that people who did small positive things for themselves and their skin consistently throughout the years had noticeably more beautiful skin than their peers. This motivated me to shape the Bestow brand to be beautiful and inspiring and to educate women about the power of establishing healthy rituals in their lives. Bestow Beauty exists in the space where skincare meets self-care.  I think we live in a ritual starved society and we need encouragement and inspiration to start introducing positive, health supporting rituals back into our lives.

What is your background? 

I am a beauty therapist with over 30 years experience in treating skin.  After discovering the power of nutrition to treat skin I became so fascinated that I went on to study nutritional medicine.  Dermo-nutrition is my speciality which is the study of how nutrition specifically impact on skin. I am skin health coach and beauty therapist trainer.

You said that previously you werent getting the results you wanted from skincare alone. How much impact does internal health have on our skin? 

And to what extent can good inner health help solve skin issues?

Most skin problems are caused by an internal imbalance so if we don’t address the underlying causes we won’t get great results for our skin. We will simply be treating the symptoms only.   A holistic approach to treating skin disorders includes focusing on skin-nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and environmental factors. I have seen truly remarkable skin transformations when working from within, but it does require a commitment to healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.

What sort of skin results can Bestow deliver? What skin issues is it really great for?

A skin that is well-fed from within has the nutrients and EFA’s it requires to produce soft, clear, glowing skin. There are many factors that contribute to skin health and all need to working together, but Bestow beauty products lay the vital foundation for beautiful skin.  Used as part of a wider holistic approach to treating and healing skin we have seen many skin’s transformed.

I think it is vital to consider what is happening from within with every skin problem.  Even for people who do not have visible skin problems, it is important to feed the skin cells that make the anti-ageing structures that impact how our skin appears as we get older.

What are some internal health issues that present as common skin issues? 

Poor digestion and elimination are principle causes of skin problems because these problems not only result in nutritional deficiencies that impact on the skin but they also make it harder for our bodies to rid themselves of toxins and waste hormones.  My mentor used to say to me that ‘you can’t treat a constipated skin’.  Toxins are recycled and reabsorbed by the body which is reflected in a dull, tired and congested complexion.

The majority of people are also deficient in EFA’s.  EFA’s are essential for preserving the integrity of the skin barrier function and for regulating oil flow.  People who present with dry skin and people who present with oily skin are both suffering from a lack of oil regulation.  Bestow Beauty Oil addresses this deficiency with a specially formulated blend of flax-seed and safflower cold-pressed oils.

Food intolerances are also a common cause of problems resulting in everything from acne to eczema.

In your opinion, do you think internal health is a growing area of the beauty industry?

Absolutely!  I was introduced to the importance of internal health over twenty years ago and in those days it was a very unusual approach. Only the therapists that had a strong personal belief in the importance of treating from within were prepared to challenge the prevailing culture and work more holistically.

Now there is a huge demand from our clients for this approach as the‘Slow Beauty’ movement has followed and the trajectory of the ‘Slow Food’ movement. This holistic way of work aligns with people’s values more and more these days.  Wellness is a revolutionary movement and people are increasingly well educated about wellness approaches.

Are skin professionals more interested in internal health these days? 

Yes definitely. There is a huge movement that is growing with each day that passes. Certainly in New Zealand we have seen a groundswell of therapists who are committed to treating the skin from within as well as topically.  Our clients are more and more exposed to this message from other wellness sources, so therapists are realising that we all need to be skilled in this area to maintain our position as skin health experts.

How do you prescribe your products to people to give a more holistic approach? 

I would start with our Twin Skin Essentials, the Bestow Beauty Oil and Beauty Powder. Between them these two products help address the nutritional needs of our skin. From there I would work with my client to see what additional Bestow rituals resonate with them as a way to introduce some further skincare and self care benefits.

What is your favourite product and what does it do for the body and skin?

I would have to say that it is the Bestow Beauty Oil. Deficiencies of essential fatty acids would be one of the most common causes of skin problems. It isn’t the whole answer for skin health, but I can never get a great result for my clients if I don’t address EFA deficiency.

Here’s a PREVIEW of the latest book – THE GUT-SKIN CONNECTION from the dynamic duo of Janine Tait – New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist and founder of Bestow Beauty and Sheryl Nicholson – food photographer, graphic designer and recipe developer.

THE GUT-SKIN CONNECTION BOOK is 224 full colour pages combining new advances in gut research with holistic skincare wisdom, providing the principles, recipes, rituals and a meal plan to restore your gut and renew your skin from within.


  • August 22, 2019

One of the most common nutritional deficiencies to affect your skin is a lack of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Unfortunately our modern diet provides too little of these precious fats and because our skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the blood, this makes it highly likely your skin is deficient. EFA deficiency impacts directly on the health and beauty of your skin as well as weakening it protective ability, increasing your rate of environmental ageing.

Luckily, a lack of EFA’s is also one of the easiest deficiencies to correct which is why we created the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil! It’s our foundational product for great looking skin and general wellness. Read more about EFA’s here >>

We have created this 7-Days of Bestow Smoothie Challenge to support you with including Bestow Beauty Plus Oil as part of your daily routine. 

This challenge will inspire you with delicious recipes that you can prep ahead and have on-hand at any time. There are 5 recipes for you to mix and match over the week, or repeat just one or two recipes if you prefer.

Bestow smoothies are the perfect way to sustain your energy and get your daily dose of Bestow, which offers your body a feast of skin-nourishing nutrients.




One of the most common nutritional deficiencies to affect your skin is a lack of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Unfortunately our modern diet provides too little of these precious fats and because our skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the blood, this makes it highly likely your skin is deficient. EFA deficiency impacts directly on the health and beauty of your skin as well as weakening it protective ability, increasing your rate of environmental ageing.

Luckily, a lack of EFA’s is also one of the easiest deficiencies to correct!

What exactly are these fats and why are they essential?

Most of the fatty acids your body requires for health can be made from the other healthy fats you eat. But this is not true of Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA’s as they are commonly known. There are two families of fats that cannot be made by your body, the omega 3 family and omega 6 family. These are called ESSENTIAL fatty acids because it is essential you get them from your diet.

One of the most common ways of supplementing your diet with EFA’s is to take fish oil capsules. Although the omega 3 fats in fish oil offer us many health benefits, they are not known for their ability to protect your skin. Unfortunately fish oil doesn’t provide the main fatty acid required by your skin.

So what oil should you be taking?

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil has been formulated with both your health and your skin in mind. It contains not only the omega 3 fats but the other important fat your skin requires for health and beauty. This fat nourishes and protects your skin from the inside, making it more resilient and less susceptible to environmental ageing. This fat is also great for both oily and dry skin. It helps balance your oil flow making it less likely to block your pores but nourishing enough to keep your skin feeling supple.

How to take your oil:

Although capsules are a very common way to take your EFA’s, they are also very hard to digest. This is especially true with our modern lives and the amount of stress we are under. Liquid oils, like the Bestow Beauty Oils, can be mixed into food making it much easier to digest.

It can be added to a smoothie, mixed into yoghurt or even used to make a salad dressing. By mixing it into foods you pre-emulsify these wonderful fats and make it so much easier for your body to absorb their goodness.

So keep eating oily fish for the key EFA’s they provide but also make sure you have your Bestow Beauty Plus Oil to keep your skin protected, free of blemishes and looking fabulous!

Our favourite good fat filled meal is this salmon based mega omega salad. Check it out here!

  • July 25, 2019

Pretty much everyone knows by now that probiotics are vital for maintaining good gut health.  But did you know that there is a key probiotic source that is readily available but often overlooked?

More on that in minute.

But firstly, what’s the deal with probiotics and gut health?

The research all basically says the same thing: a healthy and balanced gut microbiome is foundational for health and wellbeing.

Balance is the key word here. There is a constant tussle between beneficial and harmful microbes going on in your gut – with both groups trying to claim territory and gain the upper hand.

When the good guys win, your health improves.

Probiotics support a healthy microbiome by seeding beneficial microbes into your gut.  More good microbes in the gut = better gut health.

Common Probiotic Sources

Two valuable sources of probiotics are fermented foods and probiotic powders and supplements.  For the latter, it’s important to choose a probiotic that supplies both beneficial bacteria and fungi to support the total microbiome.  I designed Bestow Gut Love + Powder with that in mind, and I am proud that it features the world-class Biohm probiotic.

But there is another probiotic source that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Organic Fruit and Veggies Provide Living Microbes

Organic fruit and vegetables are a lesser-known but hugely important source of probiotics. Living microbes can be found on the leaves and skins of spray-free fruit and vegetables. These naturally occurring microbes can actually help to establish beneficial bacterial colonies in our bodies.

You might be wondering, “why does the produce need to be organic?”

Choose Organic

Unfortunately, our culture’s obsession with cleanliness and sanitation has seeped into our food production methods. Any fruit and vegetables that are not squeaky clean and perfect are discarded or ignored by consumers. This has led to an overuse of pesticides and other sprays to prevent spoilage, which of course, kill the microbes that live on the surface of the produce.

If our fruit and vegetables are too clean then our gut is robbed of an important source of natural probiotics. Research has shown that beneficial microbes are capable of helping our body rid itself of ailments. In particular they help regulate our immune system, preventing it from the over-reaction that is the cause of many inflammation based diseases, whilst keeping it alert enough to ward off unwelcome invaders. Good gut health supports your internal protective mechanisms.

Keep It Local

Another benefit of these microbes is that they adapt to the environment in which they grow, defending themselves again potential allergens in their surrounds.  For optimal health benefits, you are best to eat organic produce from your local area as these microbes will train your body how to respond appropriately to the allergens in your local area.

Shop at Farmers Markets

An easy way to do this is to source your produce from local organic farmers markets. Eat what you can in its fresh, raw state, only gently washing them to remove obvious dirt.

Grow Your Own Spray-Free Herbs

Another option is to grow your own produce. Fresh herbs are a great way to start.  They don’t take up much room in the garden and can even be grown on a window sill. Home grown herbs are an affordable and tasty source of live probiotics that are can be easily grown in your own environment. I would encourage you to pick up some herbs at your local garden centre and plant your own little organic herb patch at home.

Pesto Perfect

Once you have herbs ready to harvest, celebrate by making this yummy Bestow Pesto below. Enjoy the delicious satisfaction that comes from eating organic herbs that you have grown yourself to support your gut microbiome. Happy days!


This recipe is from the Bestow Love Your Gut 7-Day Online Programme. You could substitute the Coriander for Basil, Rocket or Italian Parsley if you wish or even a mixture of herbs.


2 cups coriander, stalks and all (around 1 plant from the supermarket)
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil
Himalayan salt to season

Place ingredients into a blender and blend until fully combined.

Coriander (sometimes known as cilantro) has well-known digestive properties and has a calming and anti-inflammatory affect in the intestinal tract. It also helps to prevent a build up of gas, reducing bloating.

  • March 7, 2019