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Bare-Faced & Beautiful

Will you go back to wearing makeup?

In the process of developing The Graces Brightening Lotion, I’ve heard many skin stories. And it’s got me thinking about women and make-up.  About what make-up we wear and why we wear it.

Can you leave the house without it?

Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to not wearing make-up during the COVID-19 lockdown. We have an opportunity here to consider whether we want to go back to wearing heavy make-up in this new normal we are creating together.

Plant Therapy for Skin
Made in New Zealand
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Cruelty Free

I want New Zealand women to to enjoy their skin without having to wear makeup. To be bare-faced without feeling self-conscious.

To be free.

I want New Zealand women to to enjoy their skin without having to wear makeup. To be bare-faced without feeling self-conscious.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with enjoying make-up. I’m a beauty therapist and I know the power make-up has to enhance our appearance. But I’m talking to those women who would secretly love to go natural but feel they have to hide their skin. Every day.


In my twenties and thirties, I always wore a full face of makeup whenever I left the house. 


I had uneven pigmentation on my face and red cheeks. I only felt confident when I was wearing a heavy foundation that covered me up. It was time-consuming to apply each morning. It was also a bit of a nuisance because the foundation would get on my clothes.

Over the years I made important discoveries that transformed my skin.

I became more sun smart.  I began using plant-based, organic, natural skincare. I improved my skin from within with skin-supporting nutrition and skin-friendly Essential Fatty Acid’s.  As a result of these changes, the pigmentation lost its intensity and the redness on my cheeks reduced hugely. The more even my complexion became, the less makeup I wore. 


Since developing The Graces Brightening Lotion, I have been using it twice-daily. It works fast and I have noticed a greater clarity in my skin. I’ve also seen a further reduction of intensity in my pigmented areas.

These days I am happy to leave the house without any makeup on at all.

For work and social occasions, I wear the lightest application of loose mineral powder. By the end of the day, most of it has worn off. I still feel confident as long as I have a touch of lippy on. I love being barefaced and would like more women to feel that same freedom.

Some of this is an inside job of self-love and self-acceptance.  But, caring for your skin in a holistic way that brings out it’s natural beauty can also make a difference.

The Graces Brightening Lotion will help to clarify, lighten and refine your skin tone. Perhaps that will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to enjoy your skin in its natural state? 

I hope so.

–  Janine Tait, Bestow Founder

The Graces Brightening Lotion

The Graces Brightening Lotion will clarify, refine and lighten your skin tone. It contains an exciting new blend of plantand marine extracts. These are clinically proven to reduce pigmentationand brighten the complexion within eight weeks.

Plant therapy: Bearberry, mulberry, frankincense, seaweed, liquorice root, rose-hip oil, argan oil, carrot-seed oil and more.

Lindsay's Skin

“I am absolutely blown away by how well my skin is doing. To be honest, I don’t think I ever believed it would be this good.


I have covered up my skin with make-up for the last ten years. I love the idea of not wearing make-up. But since the rosacea started flaring up, I’ve never felt like I could.


Tonight, when I looked in the mirror, I think I can. Thank you so, so much for this skin journey.”