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The beautifully designed Bestow Recipe Books are filled with healthy recipes, which will inspire you to make positive changes to your diet.

Your diet will have a huge influence on the results you can get for your skin. Bestow recipes are gluten free, dairy-free and refined sugar free and have been designed with skin health in mind.  They are free of heating and congesting foods which exacerbate skin disorders. So instead of focussing on what you can’t eat, you can enjoy delicious treats based on what you can eat for beautiful skin.


If you have a sweet tooth, Bestow Treats I and Bestow Treats II will provide you with delicious alternatives to skin-damaging treats. Each refined-sugar free treat in our books is flavour and nutrient rich which means just one or two servings are very satisfying – truly!

Bestow Treats I contains a gorgeous range of nutritious treats. Some of our favourite recipes are Raw Coconut Rough, Bestow Raspberry Smoothie Parfait and Gluten-free Blueberry, Coconut and Almond Cake.

When you have healthy treats on hand for when cravings strike, bad habits will begin to fall away.


I was over the moon to discover the Bestow Recipe Books, which are full of skin-friendly foods that actually calmed, nourished and healed my skin. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious, and I no longer have an excuse to not eat nutritious foods!

Gloria Razos | Gorgeous Recipes

Recipes from Bestow Treats I

Raw coconut rough recipe

Here’s a great little recipe from the BESTOW TREATS I recipe book. These are a raw, healthy version of coconut rough, delicious and very moreish! RECIPE ½ cup of cacao powder ½ cup of coconut oil, softened 1 cup of coconut threads ½ cup of almond butter ¼ cup of organic 100% maple syrup 1 […]

Bestow raspberry smoothie parfait

Smoothies are a great way of getting a whole bunch of superfoods in one delicious drink. This smoothie contains raspberries, high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants which help fight ageing and slow cancer by sopping up free radicals. In fact you may be surprised to know that raspberries contain over 10 times the amount of […]

Gluten free blueberry, coconut and almond cake

Blueberries are wonderful skin foods, high in fibre, vitamins A, C and antioxidants. Blueberries are particularly useful for strengthening the fine capillaries under your skin because of the vitamin C and bioflavonoids they contain. They keep your skin smooth and help prevent premature ageing with the antioxidants they provide and the fibre, while not directly […]