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Do you have a skin-nutrition product range in your clinic?

Bestow offers a beautiful range of skin-specific nutrition boosters, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within.

Become a Bestow stockist and join the growing number of therapists who embrace a holistic approach to skincare.

Topical skincare is vital, but it’s not enough. Increasingly, clients are seeking natural, food-based products to care for their skin from within.

Bestow provides the products and training you need to meet this demand.

If you have not yet embraced the Slow Beauty revolution in your clinic, Bestow offers you the opportunity to do so through our products, philosophy and online training. We focus on nourishing beautiful skin from within. This is an important learning journey for every therapist. We’d love to help you begin.


Janine Tait | Bestow Beauty Founder

Bestow Beauty was founded in 2009, by Janine Tait, who combined her super-powers as a dermo-nutritionist and skin health expert. Today, Bestow is an influential New Zealand wellness company leading the way in skin nutrition products and resources.


BESTOW SKIN NUTRITION PRODUCTS nourish skin from within. The range includes edible plant oils for EFA support, skin nutrition superfood powders, plant-based supplements, gut health products and natural collagen boosters.

BESTOW RECIPE BOOKS offer delicious gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free recipes, which nourish the skin from within.

BESTOW RITUALS are beautiful habits which support skin-care, self-care and wellbeing.

Advanced Skin Nutrition Training

Once you are approved as a Bestow stockist you can begin your holistic skincare training right away with Bestow University – our online education platform. Janine Tait herself will teach you about skin nutrition, gut health, Bestow products and how to use them. READ MORE 


Bestow Beauty | What We Believe

Bestow Beauty provides a beautiful range of natural nutrition boosters, recipes and rituals to nourish your skin from within. Our revolutionary approach is changing the way people care for their skin.

There is a direct connection between your diet and skin health. It’s not only what you put on your skin that matters. Beautiful skin is nourished from within. Bestow nutrition boosters and recipes are developed by dermo-nutritionists with skin health in mind.

There are specific nutrients your skin needs every day in order to thrive. A deficiency in even one of these nutrients will undermine skin health and can lead to premature ageing. Modern food production methods make it almost impossible to get enough nutrients from diet alone. Bestow skin nutrition boosters provide the nutrients your skin needs most.

Bestow products provide food-based nutrients, which are superior to synthetic nutrients made in a lab. They are more easily absorbed by the body and used by the skin. We source organic ingredients from world-class suppliers to ensure our products are of the highest standard.

It is the little things we do every day that really make a difference to our skin health and wellbeing. Bestow rituals are beautiful daily habits that enhance skincare, selfcare and soul care. Bestow is much more than a product range, it’s a beautiful way to live.

Bestow products are packaged in BPA-free plastic in order to preserve the food-based ingredients. Glass is easily recycled, but no matter how dark it is, it lets in light, which degrades the natural ingredients. Our plastic packaging is completely BPA free and is the most easily, and commonly, recycled plastic.

Bestow are proud supporters of the Cambodia Charitable Trust – creating a brighter future for disadvantaged girls in Cambodia and Otanewainuku Trust – protecting New Zealand native birds.

Bestow Opening Order Options

Solo owner/operator? We have an opening order option that provides the key products you need to get started with Bestow in your business.

Multi-therapist Clinic?  We have opening order options that set you up to offer the full Bestow range to your clients from day one.


I’m Interested in Becoming a Bestow Stockist.

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“I grew up in the far north of New Zealand with parents who understood the connection between organic eating and wellbeing. Nutrition has always been an important factor for me in helping my clients achieve healthy skin. About four years ago I began researching skin nutrition brands to stock in my clinic. Bestow Beauty was the best choice for me. I love that the products are organic, made in New Zealand, that the founder is a woman and that there is excellent support and education available. I’ve been to several of Janine Tait’s holistic skincare classes and loved them!” Alia | ME Skin and Body Therapy

“When taking on a new product, I research the background of the founder and their credentials. If I have trust and faith in them, then I have trust and faith in their product. I have personally known Janine, and the Bestow brand, for many years now and trust it implicitly. Every Jamele client is introduced to Bestow because there is no doubt in my mind that good skin care and good skin nutrition go hand in hand. The Beauty From Beneath capsules are great for those who are time poor. I am one of those, but since doing the Bestow 7-Day Cleanse I am now a true convert of Bestow smoothies using the Bestow powders.” Shelley Foster | Jamele Skincare

“I decided to stock a skin nutrition brand in my clinic because it seemed logical to me that you need to have well-functioning cells in order to optimise topical skincare. EFA’s are key for skin health and I used to stock another brand of oil before I discovered Bestow Beauty Oils. While both brands were New Zealand made and vegan/vegetarian friendly, what won me over was the knowledge that Bestow founder, Janine Tait, brought as a beauty therapist and dermo-nutritionist.  Education is key and she oozes skin wisdom and is so willing to share it! The collateral that Bestow provides makes it easier for us to educate our clients too. The oils are stable, fresh, economical and so easy to give to clients.”
Louise Gray | Louise Gray Skincare