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This is Lindsay's Skin now!

Bestow the Graces

Bright & Beautiful

Lindsay’s Skin Story

Lindsay struggled with rosacea for ten years. When the condition flared up, the skin on her nose would become became irritated and inflamed, taking on a reddish-purple colour due to visible capillaries.


Jenny Barrow, (Bestow Skin Coach) introduced her to a gentle, plant-based skincare range to repair her compromised skin barrier. Once her skin was strong enough, she added in The Graces Brightening Lotion to clarify her skin tone.


Over six months, Lindsay’s skin improved significantly. Her skin barrier healed and strengthened. Redness and inflammation in the problem areas were hugely reduced.


Pigmented areas became lighter and less visible, especially on her forehead. Overall her skin became brighter and clearer, with a more even skin tone.


A message from Lindsay:

“I am absolutely blown away by how well my skin is doing. To be honest, I don’t think I ever believed it would be this good.

I have covered up my skin with make-up for the last ten years. I love the idea of not wearing make-up. But since the rosacea started flaring up, I’ve never felt like I could.

Tonight, when I looked in the mirror, I think I can. Thank you so, so much for this skin journey.”

The Graces Brightening Lotion

The Graces Brightening Lotion will clarify, refine and lighten your skin tone. It contains an exciting new blend of plantand marine extracts. These are clinically proven to reduce pigmentationand brighten the complexion within eight weeks.

Plant therapy: Bearberry, mulberry, frankincense, seaweed, liquorice root, rose-hip oil, argan oil, carrot-seed oil and more.

The Graces
Nourishing Oil

The Graces Nourishing Oil is an enriching blend of 12 beautiful botanicals to nourish, soften and enliven skin. Bursting with EFA’s, vitamins and antioxidants, this gorgeous facial oil delivers plant therapy for lack-lustre skin.

Plant therapy: Argan, jojoba, borage, avocado, calendula, rosehip, tamanu, sandalwood and more.