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Bestow Plant Diversity Challenge

What is the Bestow Plant Diversity Challenge?

There are microbes in your gut that are responsible for keeping you healthy and keeping your immune system functioning at peak level. The bigger variety of microbes you have, the more jobs they can do, and the healthier you are. Studies show the food you eat is the most direct way to increase the diversity of these microbes. Unfortunately, our modern diet is too repetitive and therefore limits the diversity of microbes in our gut.

Increasing the variety of plants you eat is the easiest way to help build diversity.

It is estimated that we need to eat 20 to 30 different types of plants a week to achieve this. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a whole serving of a fruit or vegetable to count. A single radish or half an apple can be counted. You just need to concentrate on eating as many different plants as you can, rather than as much as you can.

You can count any unprocessed vegetable, herb, fruit, grain, legume, nut or seed.

We have created a downloadable print-out to help you track your weekly intake to help you on your plant diversity journey. Download your print out here.

Bestow Cleanse

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