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We’re sipping a cup of: ‘African Autumn’ Rooibos tea deliciously blended with cranberry and orange. This Harney and Sons brew, straight from the heart of South Africa, is definitely something to look forward to. Not only does it taste great and has the colour of a rich African sunset, it’s also hugely beneficial for your health. It’s caffeine free which helps with insomnia and headaches, promotes strong bones and teeth, relieves stomach cramps and helps prevent cancer.

We’re flipping the pages of: ‘Tea’ by Margaret Roberts. This beautiful book proves there is a tea for almost every ailment. From Anise to Yarrow and every herb and spice in between, ‘Tea’ is a real tea-lovers handbook. With exquisite photos of each tea and an ailment chart in the back, we turn to this book in our time of need.

Pitta (soothing tea):
We’re sipping a cup of: Pitta tea. This tea is the perfect soothing tea after a long day’s work. With ingredients such as rose petals, ginger root and coriander, this tea is perfect accompanied by a good book and a comfortable chair. Pitta tea also has properties that aid in digestion and reduce bloating and the effects of stomach disorders.

We’re flipping the pages of: ‘The meat free Monday cook book,’ a book written by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney and dedicated to inspiring one meat free day a week. With a variety of vegetarian recipes that promote healthy, sustainable and low cost meal ideas, we think this book is a definite must-have.