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JANINE TAIT is the founder of Bestow Beauty – a philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health and outer beauty.

For thousands of years, through generation after generation, the secrets of beauty were bestowed upon women by women. Mothers and grandmothers passed down the ultimate wisdom: how to unlock nature’s gifts to nourish, heal and enrich.

In recent years, much of that knowledge has been lost. Many women have turned to big brands and science for answers rather than their mothers, grandmothers or Mother Nature.

Bestow is about rediscovering nature’s age-old secrets and sharing them with women. It’s about imparting knowledge, enriching beauty and endowing confidence. Simply put, it’s about beauty gifted by nature.

We believe that every woman has the right to experience her most beautiful self.

And that beauty is deeper than skin. It’s holistic, it’s everywhere, it is within all of us.

We believe in rituals, not regimes. Hi touch, not hi tech. Sensuality and sustenance, not substances. And above all, that women should feel confident, not conned.

Our philosophy of skin care is ‘do no harm’. Rather, everything we do is for good reason, empowering women to feel happier, healthier and more enlightened.

We sincerely believe that no one should ever put anything on her skin that cannot be eaten. Nothing that doesn’t offer health-giving, healing benefits to your entire body.

We believe in leaving no stone (or leaf) unturned to unlock and share the secrets of beauty and health with women who are ready to know.