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Every skin tells a story. With the right attention and care,
your skin story can have a happy ending.


With my 30th birthday approaching I felt it was time to begin looking after my skin better. I had struggled with acne since I was 13 and all the different products I had used in my search had left my skin dry, tight and lifeless. I had resigned myself to thinking that I would have acne for life but after I started seeing a Holistic Beauty Therapist at Lox Spa I began to have hope. READ MORE >>


I have suffered from eczema for most of my life. Over the years I have tried many different types of treatments including both western and natural medicine but nothing ever relieved my symptoms for long. Aware of the need to work from within I have taken many different types of plant and fish oils for their Omega content. They always helped but I was blown away once I started taking Bestow Bestow Oil. I saw a noticeable difference in the hydration of my skin overall and the irritation and itchiness subsided as a result. The bonus about Bestow Beauty Oil is that it actually tastes nice! I found it very easy to add into my diet and I love the Bestow recipe cards I get every month.

Rebecca Keogh | Healing Eczema

As a busy professional my skincare routines have to be quick and simple so I can fit them into the busiest of days.  That’s why I take Bestow Beauty From Beneath. Mixing Bestow Beauty Powder into a yoghurt snack works for me on some days, but not everyday, and I easily fall off the wagon.  By contrast, I can take my Bestow Beauty From Beneath capsule with water standing at the kitchen sink every morning without fail.  It just works for me and I feel good knowing I am supporting my skin from within.

Kathryn Overall | Engage Communications

It’s a juggle getting two kids out the door on time every morning. I have been guilty of putting everyone else in my family first and have often missed out on breakfast myself. Berry Beautiful has helped me to change that. I have made a conscious effort to make a breakfast smoothie each day to which I add Berry Beautiful and Bestow Beauty Oil. I feel so much better for it and am glad to be doing something for me. I have more energy and know that I am doing my body a favour by having a vitamin C and anti-oxidant boost first thing in the morning.

Lisa Van Dyk | Gloss Boutique Boutique

I have never been a coffee drinker, but I do occasionally enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Especially in winter there’s nothing better than sitting down at the end of a busy day with a nice warming cup. It helps me relax and sets me up to have a good night’s sleep. I love that these teas have been carefully curated to ensure maximum health benefits, so I know I am doing something good for my skin and body. We have been serving both Luminositea and Eternitea to our clients and have had amazing feedback.

Ashleigh Scott | The Facialist

What I love about the Bestow Recipe Books is that the recipes are simple to make and truly delicious. Best of all, the treats are guilt-free!  Through the Bestow breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, I have discovered how combining the simplest ingredients can create something fresh, tasty and interesting.  It proves that healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and I love impressing my friends with my Bestow creations.

As a beauty therapist, I recommend these books to people who suffer with skin conditions, especially sensitive skin. The recipes are skin-safe and can improve digestion and skin heath.   But these books are a great resource for everyone, not just those struggling with their skin.  I especially recommend them to people who may not enjoy cooking or baking. These books can start them on a much healthier journey and save them from grabbing cheap and awful food from the supermarket shelves.”

Jose Kakebeeke, Coromandel

I was over the moon to discover the Bestow Recipe Books, which are full of skin-friendly foods that actually calmed, nourished and healed my skin. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious, and I no longer have an excuse to not eat nutritious foods!

Gloria Razos | Gorgeous Recipes

I love, love, love the Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil! I have never tried a facial oil before and enjoy the fact that it is a thicker consistency compared to other concentrates. It’s a wonderful product to use in the colder weather as I feel it protects the skin barrier beautifully. I love the earthy smell from all the botanical ingredients. Soaking my skin before using it made it really easy to massage the oil into my skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and really nourished. I will continue using the oil myself and will definitely recommend it to clients.

Alison Wit

As a busy, corporate working mum I don’t have as much time to spend looking after my skin each day as I would like. Understanding the Bestow way of treating skin from without and within has allowed me to make changes to my skin routine that have had a big impact. Using the Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil has meant that I am actually saving time in the morning and giving my skin the nourishment it needs. My skin feels fresher and softer and is more dewy in appearance. The relaxing ritual forces me to stop for 30 seconds in the morning time to think and breathe before starting a busy day.

Nicki O’Rourke
Julia O'Gorman

Bestow Beauty Oil Plus tastes beautiful, looks beautiful and keeps my skin beautiful!  I have a tendency to struggle with eczema, but it has markedly improved by taking Bestow Beauty Oil over the years. Recently I forgot to take my oil due to a change in my eating habits and to my horror, my eczema started to return. I started taking a tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Plus Oil and it is back under control again. The more fruity flavour, due to the blackcurrant oil, tastes great in my soaked muesli every morning.  As a beauty therapist, I recommend Bestow Beauty Plus Oil when my clients are stressed, under the weather or have a poor digestive system which stops them from producing the full family of fats required for health.

Julia O’Gorman | Julia O'Gorman Natural Beauty Therapy & Massage

I love Bestow Be Cleansed powder. After 20 years of talking with women there is one thing I know for sure – a regular woman is a happy woman!  When I am working with clients to clear skin disorders, this power gently cleanses the bowel of built up waste and the body of recycled toxins which exacerbate skin problems. For me personally, I like how it thickens up my smoothie so I can eat it with a spoon.

Simone Rose | Simone Rose Organic Face & Body
Jemma Moran

I have been using Bestow Beauty Powder for over two years now. I find it a fabulous way to get essential nutrients for optimum skin health, both for myself and my clients. It’s easy, tasty and very effective. Within six weeks of taking Bestow Beauty Powder, in conjunction with Bestow Beauty Oil, clients see a noticeable improvement in their general well being and their skin.

Jemma Moran | The Skin Health Studio

As a beauty therapist I love prescribing Bestow Beauty Plus Oil for clients when working with them to improve their skin. I feel confident that this oil gives the body the jump start it needs to process EFA’s efficiently and helps to rebalance oil flow on the skin. This means my client see changes quickly which assures them that we heading in the right direction.

Tania Hore | Skin Bliss