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Zinc is one of the six key nutrients for skin health and is more vital than you may think. Good zinc levels can make all the difference between prematurely ageing skin and radiant skin that glows with strength and health.

Why? Because zinc is the keratinising mineral that builds the integrity and strength of your skin. With insufficient zinc levels, your fibroblasts can’t produce collagen, accelerating the visible signs of ageing. Zinc is also essential for the strengthening of new keratinocytes, so if skin lacks zinc, it can become very fragile and weak.

Other telltale signs of zinc deficiency are white spots on your nails and brittle, lack-lustre hair.

As you can see, this one mineral has a significant role to play in skin health throughout our lifetime. Unfortunately, our soils are very low in zinc and here at Bestow HQ, we notice an increasing number of clients are presenting with zinc deficiency.


The process

Pour 10ml of zinc test liquid into a small cup for your client to swill around in their mouth for 10 seconds.

Ask them to keep in mind the taste or sensation they experience while doing this.

The Diagnosis

  1. If there is a significant strong and unpleasant taste that is noted immediately your client has good levels of zinc.
  2. If there is an immediate and definite taste that intensifies with time, your client has moderately low levels of zinc.
  3. If there is no specific taste or other sensation your client is low in zinc.
  4. If there is no specific taste or other sensation and after a few seconds they experience a dryness, or a furry or sweet taste in their mouth your client has very low levels of zinc.

We recommend having a Zinc Test week at your clinic where you test every client that comes in, as you need to discard unused zinc test contents seven days after opening.


The good news is, while zinc deficiency is common, it’s easy to fix. We recommend the two following Bestow products.

Bestow Beauty From Beneath: If your client is low to very low in zinc we would recommend they take this skin-specific vitamin supplement. Prescribe one capsule, twice a day if very low and one capsule, once a day if moderately low.

Bestow Beauty Powder: If your client is moderately low or has good levels, recommend they take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Powder every day mixed into food to boost and maintain healthy zinc levels from a bio-available source.

Increasing your zinc to optimum levels can take many months especially if your client has poor gut health. So keep in mind that your client can always take both of these products to really ensure they have all the zinc they need for healthy beautiful skin.